The Blessing of Coupon Codes

As the world recovers from the grip of the global financial crisis, consumers are still appreciative of any chance to spare a few bucks. Retailers on their part are employing ever more creative ways to instill customer loyalty. One of these is the use of discount coupons, a strategy that has been popular for a long time with both sellers and buyers.
In the old days, coupons were supplied through print media such as newspapers, letters, magazines and journals or they could be given personally to customers by marketers. With the advancement of the internet over the past few decades, a new phenomenon has arisen in the form of online shopping.

This has however not made coupons obsolete, rather they have also gone digital in the form of online coupon or discount codes. Coupon codes are usually secret words, numbers or a combination of both which the customer can view on the official webpage of the retailer or on affiliate pages. In order to access the discount, the code is usually typed on a small dialog box on the checkout page of the retail website. Once the code is typed, the discount applicable is displayed, after which the customer confirms the purchase.

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Online coupon codes are available for thousands of products ranging from household appliances to hotel reservations. Another product that can be purchased online is electronic cigarette. With growing awareness on the dangers of tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes, which are much safer, have become much sought-after products by smokers. , a renowned e-cigarette brand is available online with coupon codes for great discounts accessible on the company’s official website and on other authorized websites. The V2 Cigs coupon code  could guarantee you discounts of up to 20% on your V2 online purchases.

The discount on the product price is the most common discount enjoyed by customers with coupons. There may be discounts on other costs such as shipping like in case of Shipping fees can constitute a large fraction of the total cost of acquiring a product. As such, discounted or free shipping can amount to substantial savings with Halo e cig coupons. Sometimes, companies employ a lottery system in which one lucky coupon holder is picked, typically for much larger discounts or rewards such as extra product units. Examples that come to mind are a year’s supply `of a certain product or a brand new car. In the service industry, coupon holders may be granted premium service for example a first class pass on an airline for an economy class ticket holder. Usually, the coupon holder is allowed to redeem their coupons at their own leisure. This may be weeks or months after they are issued, which makes it very convenient.

How On Earth Do I Reduce Credit-Card Debt

Debt is horrible and no matter what you say it’s a cry for help. Don’t feel bad, it won’t pay the bills, instead feel determined to learn what you’re going to do to get rid of this insert-bad-word-of-choice credit card debt. There are plenty of sources that teach you great ways to get rid of it but if you feel you’re reading something that applies to your debt situation and you find it connects to your financial problem, go ahead and learn more. Otherwise, just save time, leave and find a more useful source. Here are some key plans and pointers to help you kick debt in the rear.


Step 1 – Borrowings & Loans

This step is simple. You need to discover how much you owe and to whom, that’s all there is to this step. How much interest that particular loan entails is also something to note on your list. You might have experienced how some companies won’t lend you money because they ask you for your credit card record. If there’s a failed stamp on it there’s no way any major credit company will lend you money. This is even more reason to close your debts with existing creditors.

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Step 2 – The Zero Interest Deal

Supposing only one or two of your credit cards are in debt and gathering interest like an old house does dust. Transferring the balance to a zero interest credit card deal is a viable option, one that’s cheap and effective. They want you to pay and they don’t care how you do it, so this is a safe and simple approach. A good example is Barclaycard whose zero interest deal lasts 24 months (2 years) that tags along a 3.2% balance transfer fee. If you opt for their 21-month deal, the fee is 2.6%.

Once the interest-free period is over you are essentially going to pay 17.9% annually (APR or Annual Percentage Rate). This is better than the interest you had when the balance stood untransferred in your earlier account. Plus, the interest-free period of the new account offers plenty of opportunities for you to save dimes and pay back your creditors.

Step 3 – Cleaning Up

You can’t transfer a huge load of debt to the new account. How do you clean up such a mess? Move as much as possible to your zero interest credit card deal and pay the minimum allowed on that account. Next, don’t focus on paying off the moved debt because it’s interest free.The larger load in your original account isn’t. So start paying that off, namely the money that you couldn’t transfer.
You can take out a personal loan to take care of the whole package but these can be quite expensive. However there are companies like Zopa that grant you a cheap way to do it. For example, take their £5000 loan that stretches over three years. They charge you 7.7% interest (£155.42 each month) at a fixed pay rate so if you are certified to pay that amount every month they’ll give you the loan and in three years you can say adios to your credit card debt.

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